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The whole story…

Improv is the best kind of wildcard. It can take you to a different time, show you a new perspective and make you laugh at things you never thought you’d see in a public space (no need to keep your mind out of the gutter, we go there often). That’s what we do.

Canadian Comedy award winner, “Monkey Toast: The Improvised Talk Show” is now international with Monkey Toast Toronto and Monkey Toast London (UK). In Toronto, Monkey Toast presents our one-of-a-kind monthly talk show at the SoCap Theatre, at 154 Danforth Ave, 2nd Floor.

Here’s how it works: Each show we interview two different celebrity guests. After an interview segment, our hilarious host, David Shore, throws the focus to the Monkey Toast players who then use the interview as the inspiration for their improvised scenes.

Got it? Good. Now stop reading about it and see it live. Trust us, it’s funnier.

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